"Guilty of Incompetence" By Bill Pavelic
Learn More About The Book, "Guilty of Incompetence" by Bill Pavelic
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


".... Victory of vengeance, over whites-only "justice" or black sanctioned injustice, is a phenomenon that will resurface whenever unjust and unpunished racially charged police abuse events are swept under the rug. If the Los Angeles criminal "injustice" system continues to tolerate lying racist cops and remain far from being color-blind, history will repeat itself, and the chanting of "No Justice, No Peace" will undoubtedly reappear and resonate in the urban streets of Los Angeles...."

"....There is no denying that every victim of racial injustice and inequalities in the greater Los Angeles area knows that the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office discriminatory "persecutions" and "attitude filings "were based on the same injudicious principles as the LAPD's unjustifiable and often times illegal "attitude bookings". Disproportionate targeting and labeling 50% of unemployed, abandoned, rejected, and disillusioned African American young males as "gang-bangers" and institutionally "pencil f***ing" the entire South-Central Los Angeles community, through enforcement of extra judicious, arbitrary, and or "tailored laws", would come back to haunt and humiliate the Los Angeles "Criminal Injustice System".

"....The Los Angeles Police Department functioned as a para military organization that was utterly dominated by the law enforcement hierarchy, at whose apex was "Imperial" Chief, Daryl F. Gates. Surrounding himself with a bunch of "ass kissers", the LAPD management immersed itself in a shameless hypocrisy and pattern of deceit by willfully covering up racism and institutionalized corruption. The LAPD "brass" had no problem selectively suspending their disbelief and judgment to cover up wrongdoings, be they officer involved shootings or other repugnant misconduct...."

"....As far as I was concerned, my position to challenge Chief Gates and LAPD was irreversible following the Rodney King beating and there would be no retreat. As an honest LAPD cop, I was prepared to fight with every breath in my body and having shown an affinity for sharp counterattacks, I would no longer just "rock the boat". My energy and intent was to develop a plan of my own, where I would "steer the ship" and go after a few "rotten apples" who dominated the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. The strategy was to "target" and globally expose the Los Angeles criminal justice system that was "Guilty of Cowardice and Incompetence", of the highest order.

"....I was cognizant that the unjust verdict by the white jury in the aftermath of the Rodney King trial, would neither lead to justice nor peace. There are no winners, only losers, when institutionally supported aberrations of "half justice" are substituted for "half injustice". Like the San Andreas fault line, the racial tremors and the destruction would be felt well beyond its Los Angeles epicenter...."

"....The acquittal of LAPD officers by the predominantly white Simi Valley jury in the indefensible beating of Rodney King, who was driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, would become the catalyst for the predominantly black jury to acquit O.J. Simpson no matter how strong the evidence against him. It was payback time and the slogan of "what goes around comes around" was about to be activated in the case, dubbed as the "Trial of the Century". The O. J. Simpson's "not guilty" verdict would clearly and historically convey to the rest of the world the extreme dissatisfaction of the African American community and how it perceived the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office...."
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