"Guilty of Incompetence" By Bill Pavelic
Learn More About The Book, "Guilty of Incompetence" by Bill Pavelic
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


"....Having worked with attorney Robert Shapiro in the past, I anticipated his calculated moves in the O. J. Simpson's double homicide case. However, with attorney F. Lee Baily in the equation, it was not going to be an exciting voyage. Lee and others were "pressuring" OJ Simpson to take a polygraph test, a move that I was adamantly opposed to. Having spent many years in law enforcement related fields, I recalled a private meeting with a former Florida based military intelligence polygraph operator, who, when questioned as to "...how reliable were polygraph tests...." replied: "....Bill, only fools take polygraph exams. Tell me, when was the last time a polygraph operator officially subjected himself to a polygraph test? Never! That's because there isn't a single operator out there who could honestly state they never fudged or misrepresented a polygraph result. In the wrong hands, the "examination" itself becomes a false tool that always benefits the prosecution...."

"....I knew the professional background of F. Lee Bailey's polygraph operator and I was shocked that a lawyer of Bailey's caliber would permit his client to subject himself to a polygraph examination, knowing the subject of the polygraph was suicidal, taking medication and mentally challenged...."

"....In June of 1994, OJ Simpson was influenced and manipulated by people around him, especially former LAPD officer, Ron Shipp. With Ron Shipp in the background as a Trojan Horse for the Los Angeles Police Department and a few dubious practitioners of law at the forefront encouraging OJ to take a lie detector test, the chess game was about to get more complicated. Unable to prevent OJ from making an appearance at Ed Gelb's polygraph office, Bob Shapiro and I were elated when the examination had to be aborted...."

"....Like a master poker player, I watched with amazement at Bob Shapiro's counter move regarding the polygraph fiasco. The genius calmly dictated a letter via his secretary Bonnie Barron seeking that OJ Simpson be given a police polygraph examination. As the letter was being composed I could see a smile on Bob's face and the all too familiar non-verbal message of confidence. We both knew in advance, that the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division and the Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark would immediately and predictably reject Bob's offer for a police polygraph examination. This was clearly a tactical win-win situation for Bob Shapiro and O.J. Simpson. A non reply or a flat rejection by the District Attorney's Office would give the defense the "bragging rights" that OJ, who always maintained his innocence, was willing to take a police polygraph test and demonstrate he had nothing to do with the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. If, on the other hand, the offer had been accepted we would have demonstrated for the entire world that polygraph operators, private or not, are a bunch of con artists and or government controlled interrogators...."
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