"Guilty of Incompetence" By Bill Pavelic
Learn More About The Book, "Guilty of Incompetence" by Bill Pavelic
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


"....In June of 1994, I was of the opinion that the Los Angeles Police Department's errors and omissions in the murder investigation of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were innocuous law enforcement mistakes. However, it soon became apparent that the LAPD was consciously framing a guilty man and concealing the participation of people around O.J. who were involved in various crimes, including cover up and obstruction of justice.

The involvement of two suspects in the O.J. Simpson's double homicide case was brought to my attention by an LAPD officer assigned to West Los Angeles Division. Over time, more LAPD rank and file personnel, including a high ranking staff officer, were expressing displeasure that the Department was gunning for O.J. and ignoring the involvement of others. The LAPD chatter concerning the possible participation of Jason Simpson and A.C. Cowlings took place long before our own forensic experts, Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Michael Baden concluded that two suspects were involved in the murders. Consequently, when O.J. Simpson recently published his mea culpa and brought out the involvement of "Charlie", I was no longer bound by legal confidentiality barriers of exposing the truth...."


"....In Los Angeles, things are divided along racial lines, just like in prisons. Celebrity "Brothers" like Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson were being protected by LAPD "cops of color" and "Caucasian cops" (from Robbery Homicide Division) provided their services to white celebrities, ala Steven Spielberg, Johnny Carson, Robert Blake, Phil Spector and the likes...."

"....Reporting the lewd calls to West Los Angeles Police station did very little to stop the harassment and Nicole was too afraid to say anything to her friends, especially to former LAPD police officer, Ron Shipp. As an African American, Ron Shipp was the perfect person for Nicole to confide her fears to but she didnt trust him. The former cop was too close to O.J. and other LAPD police officers who were moonlighting as security consultants for black entertainers, that included Rick James and sports figures playing for the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Raiders...."

"....The bitter divorce issues and perverted calls during calendar year 1992 were brought to the attention of West Los Angeles Detective Division, including Detective Ron Phillips and Detective Mark Fuhrman. These two detectives, along with Detective Brad Roberts, had plenty of experience in leading, guiding and directing sensitive VIP investigations. The three amigos knew from experience that high profile and acerbic divorce cases in Los Angeles attracted unscrupulous "ambulance chasers" and high tech two-timing unsupervised private "dicks" ala Anthony Pellicano, who sell out their clients to the tabloid media...."

"....In the Trial of the Century, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office intentionally concealed from the defense and the public at large the results of an LAPD investigation involving lewd and annoying phone calls that Nicole Brown Simpson received in 1992 and 1993. It is undeniable that after Nicole's follow up investigation was concluded and a Santa Monica sexual pervert had been identified by WLA detectives, the calls continued unabated....."


"....In the darkness of her courtyard, the predators knew it was time for Ron Goldman to arrive. As Ron entered the gate he was immediately overpowered. Unable to scream, Ron gallantly fought the attackers clenching his car keys and using them as a weapon to defend himself. Hearing a barking dog and a commotion near the porch area, Nicole Brown Simpson stepped outside and came face to face with something she wasn't expecting but always feared..."


"....When this atrocious slaying was over, the analogue wristwatch Nicole wore on her left wrist lay face down against the sidewalk. Her watch stopped ticking at 10:03 hours, give or take a couple of minutes. Police reports and witness interviews would reveal that the Akita dog started barking at 10:03, almost the precise time that Nicole's watch stopped, which, coincidentally happens to be almost the exact time of 10:03, when O. J. Simpson was making a call from his cell phone, to his girlfriend Paula Barbieri.

As Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman lay butchered in pools of blood, when it was all over, two people were spotted leaving the crime scene in opposite directions and entering two separate but very similar white sport utility vehicles. "Charlie" went southbound on Bundy, being chased by Nicole's Akita and the man who would subsequently be acquitted of double homicides entered a car that was waiting for him in the adjacent alley...."


"....Meanwhile, less than 10 miles away, the watch commander at the Wilshire police division was looking forward to the end of his shift. For the most part, it had been an altogether uneventful day. There had been the gay pride parade in West Hollywood, and the third game of the NBA finals on TV, but the activity in the station that day had been one big yawn. Time seemed to be ticking by ever so slowly...."

"....At approximately 10:03 P.M. and or two hours before the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were discovered, the phone rang at the Wilshire Division desk. The officer taking the call identified himself, stating politely, "Wilshire station, may I help you!". The female caller responded by saying; "...this is NBC, can I speak with the watch commander..." When the phone was transferred to the Wilshire Division Watch Commander, the woman was requesting information concerning a double homicide that allegedly took place this evening on the West end...."

"....Now this was practically unheard of, double homicides didn't happen on the West end. The West end is where rich people get their kicks by screwing and partying the nights away. A person overdosing on bad heroin and cocktail drugs was one thing, but double homicide? No way!"

"....The watch commander had no such reports, and before he was able to gather his thoughts and or seek additional information from the caller, the woman abruptly terminated the call. At the time of this call, at approximately 2203 hours, the Wilshire Division watch commander was unaware of what had just happened in Brentwood and his evening returned to its humdrum state of status quo...."


"....When the recital was over, O.J. chatted with the Brown family and discussed joining them for dinner. But Nicole firmly rejected O.J's participation prior to the recital because the dinner was going to take place at the Mezzaluna restaurant, once managed by Keith Zlomsowitch, her former lover. Having a dinner at Mezzaluna must have enraged O.J. He felt disrespected by Nicole and he never let her forget the romantic encounters she had with Keith Zlomsowitch, a couple of years earlier, with the kids nearby. Watching Nicole and Keith Zlomsowitch making love on a couch in her living room, with the kids in the house, was the most humiliating moment O.J. had encountered in his entire life...."
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