"Guilty of Incompetence" By Bill Pavelic
Learn More About The Book, "Guilty of Incompetence" by Bill Pavelic
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During the first part of this rating period, Detective Pavelic worked as the adjutant and Investigative Control Officer. He was responsible for ensuring the administrative paper flow and that each detective table received its daily reports in a timely manner. He also acted as the audit officer for the division and performed administrative tasks for the commanding officer. In each of these activities, he performed in an outstanding manner.

Bill's knowledge of detective operations and audit procedures is very impressive, and he applied his knowledge by establishing a smoothly functioning, well organized system. Bill was quick to point out areas which needed the commanding officer's attention, yet he assumed responsibility for those issues for which he was accountable. He completed an in-depth review of the filing rates of the Juvenile/Sex Table and located several major discrepancies which were corrected prior to the report's submission. He maintained the arrest, clearance, and filing statistics for the division and each report was submitted accurately, quickly, and neatly prepared.

Because of Bill's leadership qualities and his boundless energy, he was selected to be the lead detective on the newly formed Crime Task Force. This unit consisted of 24 uniformed officers, 2 supervisors, and 2 detectives, and its goal was to identify and arrest the division's career criminals. Not only did Bill provide immeasurable detective expertise and assistance, but he demonstrated a unique ability to teach, motivate, and control the activities of younger, less experienced patrol officers. Comments were constantly made regarding the help Pavelic gave in resolving the officer's problems, and the quality and depth of his understanding and patience.

Bill is a precise investigator whose penchant for attention to detail has resulted in several outstanding arrests and crime resolutions when lesser detectives would have given up. His perseverance in following up even the most minute detail typifies his investigative style, and his entire work ethic. He is a smooth, affable individual who has been observed to perform well in several community oriented meetings. He has the ability to put people at ease while making them feel their problems merit attention. Several citizens have called to express their appreciation at the extra effort Bill has given, and the most rewarding aspect of the call was that it came after other officers were either unable or unwilling to help.

One aspect of his training included a successful loan to Internal Affairs Division in which he artfully learned the intricacies of completing personnel investigations. In addition, Bill was selected as Southwest Detective Division's Supervisor of the Year for 1989 for his outstanding leadership qualities.


Detective II Bill Pavelic has been the Investigative Control Unit / Adjutant this past rating period and has done an outstanding job in this difficult and sensitive position. In addition to the auditing responsibilities for the detective division, the ICU also acts as the adjutant to the Commanding Officer and coordinates all the paperwork, projects, letters, and required documents during their travels to, through, and from this division. Fortunately, Detective Pavelic has the self-discipline, maturity, initiative, and people skills to accomplish all these tasks in an efficient manner.

Pavelic's administrative work is excellent. He has submitted a great many reports and audits; each has been thoroughly prepared and each dealt with the relevant issues at hand. His work is always submitted early, and he holds firm to the belief that due dates are to be beaten, not just met. He has an extensive background in investigative audits and always keeps a sharp eye on the paperwork flow, ever alert to spot potential problems or areas that need attention. His greatest attribute is his desire to keep his Commanding Officer informed of these issues to prevent minor transgressions from becoming major problems. Several times during this past six months, Pavelic has spotted personnel and procedural areas which needed some slight adjustments, and each had the potential to be embarrassing situations to the Area. Through his sage counsel, each of these issues was resolved to the benefit of the involved officer or system

Because of Bill's excellent community relations, he was selected by the Area Commanding Officer to be the Press Liaison Officer. He accepted this additional workload with his usual cheerfulness and suave de'vive. Bill contacted the local papers in Southwest Area and developed a valuable resource to prevent the spread of unfounded rumors while at the same time exposing the many good deeds our officers accomplish. His dealing with the media have been open, honest, and candid, and several have called back to compliment him on his style and professionalism.

Bill's people skills are among the best in the division. He has the talent to get people to work to their maximum, and he has adroitly defused same potentially explosive personality clashes among the division's civilian personnel. His affirmative action beliefs are among the strongest in the division, and he has been observed to encourage our protected classes to apply for better positions of increased authority.


During this rating period, Detective Pavelic has continued to run the Investigative Control Unit (I.C.U.) in an exceptional manner. In addition to ICU duties, he serves as the Detective Commanding Officer's adjutant and supervises the activities of civilian and sworn employees. Detective Pavelic performed all of these functions flawlessly...always in constant and direct communication with the Commanding Officer.

Detective Pavelic's true understanding of the entire Detective function and his ability to relate that knowledge verbally or in a written form is simply superb. His counsel is solicited from detectives of all ranks which is testimony to his professional competence. In fact, during the absence of the General Investigative Section ( GIS ) Lieutenant Detective Pavelic demonstrated that he has the job knowledge, administrative skills and personal maturity to handle any administrative or investigative situation .

Without hesitation and at great sacrifice to his personal life, Pavelic responded time and again to emergency calls at all hours of the day and night. His efforts were recognized when he received several commendations including one from the Commanding Officer, Southwest Patrol, for dedication to duty, outstanding investigative techniques and for exemplifying the highest work ethic sought in all detectives.


During this rating period, Detective Pavelic has continued to run the Investigative Control Unit (I.C.U.). In addition to the normal ICU duties, he supervises clerical and desk personnel. Additionally, he assists, supervises and or completes special investigation and audits at the direction of the Commanding Officer. He works the desk. He assists and guides Detective III's, the General Investigative Section (G.I.S.) Lieutenant and other investigative personnel in the completion of their jobs in accordance with division goals. He volunteers to assist any detective or table when the case load gets too heavy or too far behind. He conducts due diligence investigations and because of his singular efforts, several murder, robbery and burglary suspects have been arrested that heretofore have managed to skirt capture. He is full of mental, physical energy and talent. In short, Detective Pavelic can do it all. He is just one of a rare breed that has interwoven into his genetic makeup the characteristics of an all around outstanding person.

Regarding the aforementioned, it is not enough to chronicle what one can do. In a police detective environment, the one single most important common thread that is interwoven in our task is the manner in which that task is accomplished, i.e., the ability to work with and through people to get a job done or to provide a service in such an exemplary way that those he helped never forget him, or our Department. The mark of an outstanding manager. Detective Pavelic's personnel package is replete with commendations, the clearest indication that other people are also so pleased and impressed with his work that they too take the time to tell others how he has helped them. During the previous six (6) months, he has continued to outstandingly perform his job in each and every facet.


On February 22, 1988, Detective Pavelic assumed the responsibility of Investigative Control Officer. Pavelic consistently displays good judgement and common sense in his new assignment. Detective Pavelic runs the Investigative Control Unit with a high degree of efficiency and professionalism. His management of the inner office, which includes the supervision of clerical personnel and the Detective desk is commendable.

Pavelic has proven to be an accomplished researcher, auditor and staff writer. His audits are in-depth and incisive, reflecting his expertise of Detective functions.


The period 11-01-87 to 02-27-88 marked Detective Pavelicl's final tour of duty in the Mental Evaluation Unit (MEU). During his two years he has worked every watch and assignment within the unit, and for the last year, served as assistant OIC.

Space does not provide, nor does time allow, sufficient scope to do justice to Detective Pavelic's contributions to the MEU. Even an abbreviated recital of the commendations he has earned would run several pages in length, and would end up sounding like a repetitive litany of praise.

Suffice it to say that Detective Pavelic is a uniquely motivated and talented detective, one who bends all his efforts toward maintaining and improving the professionalism of the Los Angeles Police Department. His initiative and superb organizational skills proved vital to the expanded MEU, making the unit -- in Chief Gates' words -- "a model for all." To Pavelic goes much of the credit, not only for directing the operations of the unit, but also for guiding and motivating the specially selected personnel who have made the MEU into a nationally recognized unit.

More than anything else, however, Detective Pavelic possesses special personal characteristics which make him a prized asset, regardless of his assignment. He is both a self-starter and a reliable, trusted supervisor. He is both a leader and a team player. He has drive, and yet always displays balance and good humor.


During this rating period Detective Pavelic has continued to serve as the Assistant Officer-in-Charge of the Mental Evaluation Unit (MEU). Pavelic has demonstrated his complete understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a supervisor.

Detective Pavelic was placed in charge of the operational phase of MEU and in that capacity he has mastered the art of motivating his co-workers by example, rather than by precept. Detective Pavelic and other MEU officers have arrested a number of very dangerous criminals and attracted a great deal of positive media attention. These arrests involved complex case preparations and necessitated the cooperation of the highest levels of the Office of the District Attorney. Foremost of these cases was the arrest and subsequent filing of Joseph Markowski, a mentally disturbed patient, who sold his AIDS contaminated blood to various Los Angeles plasma centers. In their commendation to MEU personnel, the Office of the District Attorney wrote, "If I were still in the military, I would recommend a unit citation for the MEU and individual recognition to each detective and officer (involved in the Markowski case) for a job well done.

Detective Pavelic's extraordinary effort during this rating period is clearly reflected by the ten commendations he received from within and outside the Department.


During this rating period, Detective Pavelic assumed the duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Officer-In-Charge of the Mental Evaluation Unit (MEU). Pavelic continues to do a remarkable job of supervising, training, evaluating and assigning work to subordinates. One of Det. Pavelic's strong attributes is his ability to identify individual strengths and weaknesses of subordinates and formulate specific plans to divert their activities to a more constructive purpose. His genuine interest and honest concern for the welfare of subordinates directly contributes to job satisfaction and positive morale.

During this rating period, Pavelic conducted audits, assisted in developing the MEU budget, researched new or amended laws and prepared recommendations to implement changes in Department policy. In fact, one of his suggestions saved the Department hundreds of man-hours a month in the processing of mentally ill. Pavelic is also an excellent speaker who was called upon to prepare and present lectures on mentally ill persons to various civic groups, roll call trainings and the Police Academy's Advanced Field Officers School.


During this rating period, Detective Pavelic has demonstrated his reliability and competence time and time again. Pavelic is an outstanding supervisor who has mastered the art of supervision. He closely monitors his subordinates progress and is quick to recognize deficiencies requiring corrections. Pavelic does not hesitate to question poor performance and is equally complimentary and quick to praise detectives or officers when good reporting and investigations are the rule. Pavelic works hard to ensure that his subordinates are exposed to a wide variety of police work with a maximum training effect. He put in his own time and effort and successfully prepared lower ranking personnel for written and oral promotional examinations.

Detective Pavelic's professional approach and unbiased attitude toward his assigned investigations sets an outstanding example for other detectives and he is a loyal and dedicated employee who can be depended upon to do an outstanding job regardless of the assignment.

Pavelic's initiative, teamwork and demonstration of command presence is evident in the number of commendations he and his subordinates have received from within this Department and outside agencies.


Detective Pavelic is without question one of the hardest working and most productive members assigned to the Mental Evaluation Unit. As the Detective in charge of the night watch, he continues to perform his duties in an outstanding manner.

Detective Pavelic possesses considerable technical expertise and has an outstanding working knowledge of Department rules and procedures. Detective Pavelic displays all the characteristics, at the highest level, associated with the police profession. Detective Pavelic is a serious and dedicated professional who has uncompromising values.


During this rating period, Detective Pavelic was transferred to the expanded Mental Evaluation Unit. Detective Pavelic was one of those chosen for the job from over 60 applicants.

He has rapidly developed into an expert in the field of law enforcement mental health interaction. Detective Pavelic has shown a thorough knowledge of the complex mental health problems, and a strong capacity for hard work. He was able to complete a number of important assignments among them; developing the Van Nuys Area Training Project for Mental Health, doing research into the Bronzon Bill and speaking engagements representing Detective Headquarters Division and MEU. Detective Pavelic always competes his tasks in a timely manner and his reports are of the highest quality.


Detective Pavelic is a seasoned and experienced Detective. He is very comfortable in his assignment and has the ability to handle any investigative assignment. He has an exceptionally strong personal motivation to succeed and directs the full force of his energy to accomplish his goals or solve the problem at hand. Pavelic, by virtue of his determination to attain high marks in achievement is very productive and very successful.

Pavelic was assigned to Burglary investigation five months during this rating period. He is the most productive member of the Unit in every category. His monthly average clearance rate is 28%. He personally arrested 23 felons and provided Patrol Officers with information resulting in nine felony arrests.

Detective Pavelic received a major commendation for having received seven commendations in the past year including a commendation from the Southwest Area Commanding Officer for outstanding investigative technique.

Pavelic is congratulated for his outstanding performance and a job well done.


Pavelic was selected to the very sensitive job of Olympic VIP security during the 1984 Olympics. This special assignment relied heavily on the officers personal appearance, professional demeanor, and verbal skills. His foreign language skills were an added bonus and he was very successful in that assignment; in fact his awareness and initiative were evident when he intervened and possibly saved the life of past International Olympic Committee President, Lord Killanin, who was choking during a banquet. His actions resulted in numerous commendations and a City Council presentation. The incident was also reported to the Department Commendations Board.
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