"Guilty of Incompetence" By Bill Pavelic
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


"....As a tenacious but humble public servant, I swore under oath that I would faithfully discharge the duties of my office and provide an honest service to LAPD and its citizens. During my LAPD tenure, I received over 200 commendations and letters of appreciation. When I was no longer able to effectuate a change and or defend the Los Angeles Police Department's "tacit" policy of institutional racism, mismanagement, fraud and or corruption, I left in protest, promising those who subverted the judicial process that "we" would "square off" at another time, and in a more "neutral" territory...."

"....Defending the truth passionately was always an honor, however, defending oneself against a system that systemically lies and is out to "nail" you, is the mother of all challenges. The discredited managers from the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office and the Los Angeles Police Department, motivated by reason of revenge, used "under the radar" scorch earth strategy to destroy my reputation, even before the Rodney King incident. While I appeared to take the LAPD threats and criticism stoically, deep down inside, I was concerned for my family’s welfare and my own deteriorating asthmatic condition...."

"....Having previously testified at a "Board of Rights" hearing, under penalty of perjury, that the LAPD Robbery Homicide Division falsified police reports and covered up racially motivated officer involved killings, I knew that speaking out on the Rodney King beating would result in my early "retirement" from the Los Angeles Police Department...."

".....After publically calling for the resignation of Chief Gates, I expectedly found myself in legal peril fighting to expunge the false stains placed on my reputation. Every time the LAPD management sullied my integrity I would disdainfully go after them by exposing their fraud and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the LAPD organization (at the top) was wholly devoid of substance and character....."

"....Knowing that the criminal elements within the law enforcement agencies would go after me with ruthless vengeance, the linchpin of my strategy against the Los Angeles Police Department's "attack dogs" and hit-and run "character assassins" would be to repeat the unvarnished truth that has guided me throughout my life and career. The truth is a very powerful weapon and can be extremely intimidating regardless if the governmental entity is a totalitarian regime or a "democratic" Para Military law enforcement organization...."

"....I didn't chose to fight for justice only to see it countermanded by a false icon who was impersonating the position of the Chief of Police and playing the role of the "great pretender". Perseverance, patience, exposing the hard facts and relying on undiluted accounts would become my best ally, in the fight to "dethrone" Chief Daryl Gates. If I could not do it from the inside, I was ready to enlist and form alliances with people who were outside the "thin blue line" exterior...."

".... Instead of treating the LAPD investigation of Rodney King as a brutal "excessive use of force" case, in an otherwise legitimate driving under the influence (DUI) arrest, the LAPD management and Chief Daryl Gates chose to defend lying police officers and rely on the "us against them" mentality" that would lead to deadly and catastrophic consequences...."

"....In April of 1991, one month after the beating of Rodney King, Chief Gates was placed on a 60 day paid leave by the seldom courageous Los Angeles Police Commission. Like the great Lazarus, Chief Gates was "resuscitated" when the City Council, backed by the Los Angeles Police Protective League, went to court and reinstated Chief Gates to a position that he had dishonored and abused...."

"....As expected, the Chief and his closest assistants would "hunker down" and rely on expensive practitioners of law and friends at the City Council to hang on to his job. Nonetheless, I was convinced that putting pressure on Daryl Gates oversized "political" ego would yield dividends and if given enough "rope" to hang himself, the Chief would contribute to his own political demise and forfeit his "moral" authority to lead the Los Angeles Police Department...."

".... What the LAPD and LADA underestimated was the pulse of the entire Los Angeles community and the political establishment, especially Mayor Tom Bradley, who would no longer tolerate Chief Daryl Gates and his equal at the District Attorney's Office. The antidote for "No Justice, No Peace" was the unequivocal and unconditional removal of the "cancer" that was destroying the Los Angeles Police Department..."

".... When confronted in March of 1991 to resign, Los Angeles Chief Daryl Gates snapped; ‘Once the prestige of the department is returned and I think that can be done in a very short period of time-then I will be satisfied and I'll go ahead and retire.' The Chief had no intentions of retiring and had he resigned, in the interest of justice, I am convinced there would not have been a riot in Los Angeles over the Rodney King beating. Daryl Gates spent decades cultivating his reputation and an honorable resignation was not an option for a man who was being considered for the position of the Director of the FBI....."

"....To my knowledge, Chief Daryl Gates has never repented or apologized for his remarkable lack of judgment, nor was he ever held accountable for his catastrophic handling of the two deadly riots, which happened on his watch. Unfortunately, instead of exposing his extraordinary incompetence, malfeasance, and negligence, the backbone of the Los Angeles Police Department canonize Chief Daryl Gates as if he was some iconic leader and statesman...."
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