"Guilty of Incompetence" By Bill Pavelic
Learn More About The Book, "Guilty of Incompetence" by Bill Pavelic
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


"....Long before he was ever "convicted" of perjury, LAPD officer Mark Fuhrman falsely attempted to obtain a tax free pension from the City of Los Angeles, by claiming that "Nig***s and Mex****s" drove him on the slippery-slope of becoming a violent and racist police officer. Instead of firing and or prosecuting Mark Fuhrman for fraudulently attempting to procure a psycho pension, LAPD Chief Daryl Gates reinstated him and a couple of years later, Mark Fuhrman would play a role in the shooting of Joseph Britton, where alleged planting of evidence and racial taunting took place...."

"....In those pre riots "good old days" when "kicking ass" and "taking names" was the only game in town, being involved in an unjustifiable shooting of a perceived "dirt-bag Nig**r or a lazy Mex***n" was the required "criteria" to get you promoted and accepted into the chauvinistic and "elite" Robbery Homicide Division. After the unwarranted shooting of Joseph Britton, a bonafide robbery suspect, LAPD "gunslinger" Mark Fuhrman sought and applied for a position with the Robbery Homicide Division...the very LAPD entity that investigates Officer Involved Shootings...."

"....It was never my position in the O.J. Simpson's double homicide case that Mark Fuhrman personally carried the bloody glove from Bundy to Rockingham, just as I didn't believe that Mark Fuhrman manufactured the knife in the Joseph Britton officer involved shooting. Having worked on the Joseph Britton case and the O.J. Simpson case, I concluded that the glove and the knife in two separate criminal cases were manipulated and planted by Mark Fuhrman so as to be discovered in order to FRAME A GUILTY MAN...."

"....Too many Los Angelinos were fooled and didn't realize that the LAPD management under Chief Daryl Gates tolerated merchants of hate knowing that peace officers who harbor racial animus can never defend the constitutional rights of all the people and or be able to enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner...."

"....On October 3, 1995, after the O.J. Simpson verdict was rendered, former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates proclaimed; "....I take full responsibility for Mark Fuhrman, the miserable no good son of a bitch, who betrayed all of us...." and in the same post verdict interview Daryl Gates proceeded to "minister" all of us that police officers have a constitutional right to be racist. He still does not get it that the real son of a bitch who betrayed all of us was LAPD Chief Daryl Gates when he permitted racist cops like Mark Fuhrman to remain on the force..."

"....Contrary to some of my critics, I don't hate Mark Fuhrman or OJ Simpson. They both possess characteristics that are not appealing to me. In fact, their similarities deserve a closer look. Both men think they are "STUDS", they love seeing themselves on TV, they seem to have ghostwriters author their books and O.J. Simpson, along with Anthony Pellicano and former LAPD Det. Mark Arneson, joined Mark Fuhrman in another milestone...the convicted felon column. Looking back on his life, Mark Fuhrman will some day realize that he had everything going for himself... except that one elusive trait called character. While I am not a saint by any means, I am proud of my accomplishments, to wit; being a man of CHARACTER AND HIGH INTEGRITY...."
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